Tips for Installing a New Septic Tank

Are you building a home in an area that doesn’t have access to a public sewer system? If so, then you need a septic system. Whether you’re installing a new septic tank or replacing an old one at an existing property, it’s crucial that you hire a plumber in Valencia, CA, with septic installation experience to help you choose the right tank and give you the best septic tank service.

There are a lot of things to consider during a septic tank installation. Working with a professional guarantees your septic system will work well, but to get you started, here are some tips for finding the right septic tank.

Size Requirements

What size septic tank is right for your home? To know the answer to this question you must determine your daily water usage. The majority of septic tanks are 900-gallon – 1,200-gallon capacity tanks. In most areas, the minimum-size tank allowed is 1,000 gallons.

Septic Tank Design

When considering design, you need to think about the type of soil the tank will be installed into. In areas with coarse sand or gravely soil, it’s better to have a pressure-type septic system. This is different than a gravity septic system that works better in loose soil. Professionals who specialize in septic service can help you choose the right system for your soil conditions.

Pump Type

Every septic systems use either a turbine or centrifugal pump. The more reliable pump is a turbine pump. However, the cost of the turbine often forces people to install a centrifugal pump. While both pumps function well, if you’re looking for longevity, it’s best to invest in the turbine pump. Ask your septic specialist which type of tank requires more frequent septic tank pumping.

Request a Consultation

When you’re ready to install a septic system, request a free consultation with your septic specialist at Valencia 24 Hr Plumber & Drain Pros. This is not a purchase you should make on your own. It’s an expensive purchase and one that you’ll live with for many, many years. For the best septic tank service choose wisely. Not only must you choose your tank wisely, but the professionals in charge of maintenance and installation.

At Valencia 24 Hr Plumber & Drain Pros, we offer free estimates for all plumbing services. Call us today to learn more about the services we offer for homes in Valencia and Santa Clarita.

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