Tips for Installing a New Septic Tank

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Are you building a home in an area that doesn’t have access to a public sewer system? If so, then you need a septic system. Whether you’re installing a new septic tank or replacing an old one at an existing property, it’s crucial that you hire a plumber in Valencia, CA, with septic installation experience to help you choose the right tank and give you the best septic tank service.

There are a lot of things to consider during a septic tank installation. Working with a professional guarantees your septic system will work well, but to get you started, here are some tips for finding the right septic tank.

Size Requirements

What size septic tank is right for your home? To know the answer to this question you must determine your daily water usage. The majority of septic tanks are 900-gallon – 1,200-gallon capacity tanks. In most areas, the minimum-size tank allowed is 1,000 gallons.

Septic Tank Design

When considering design, you need to think about the type of soil the tank will be installed into. In areas with coarse sand or gravely soil, it’s better to have a pressure-type septic system. This is different than a gravity septic system that works better in loose soil. Professionals who specialize in septic service can help you choose the right system for your soil conditions.

Pump Type

Every septic systems use either a turbine or centrifugal pump. The more reliable pump is a turbine pump. However, the cost of the turbine often forces people to install a centrifugal pump. While both pumps function well, if you’re looking for longevity, it’s best to invest in the turbine pump. Ask your septic specialist which type of tank requires more frequent septic tank pumping.

Request a Consultation

When you’re ready to install a septic system, request a free consultation with your septic specialist at Valencia 24 Hr Plumber & Drain Pros. This is not a purchase you should make on your own. It’s an expensive purchase and one that you’ll live with for many, many years. For the best septic tank service choose wisely. Not only must you choose your tank wisely, but the professionals in charge of maintenance and installation.

At Valencia 24 Hr Plumber & Drain Pros, we offer free estimates for all plumbing services. Call us today to learn more about the services we offer for homes in Valencia and Santa Clarita.

Why Are You Spending More on Water than You Need To?

Sunday, March 22nd, 2020

Are you looking for ways to reduce water costs? You’re not alone. It’s estimated by a U.S. Geological Survey that the average person uses approximately 80-100 gallons of water each day. Times that number by how many people live in your home and the costs add up fast. Many people look for ways to reduce their water usage from taking shorter showers and turning the water off when brushing their teeth to installing low-flow toilets and faucets. However, none of these changes matter if you have a hidden leak.

The True Cost of Hidden Leaks

Each day, people across the country waste money on water because they have leaks they don’t know about. It’s easy to spot a leak when the pipe is visible, but what about those leaks you can’t see? Let’s talk about these types of leaks and how they cost you money.

The first hidden leak we want to talk about is a toilet leak. Most people think a toilet leak means what is coming out of the toilet’s base. While this is a toilet leak, it’s not the kind we’re talking about. We are talking about toilet leaks that happen between the tank and the bowl. Often, people don’t realize this is what’s happening when their toilet runs non-stop, or when it flushes in between uses. However, a running toilet is a sign of a leaky toilet and it costs you money. Get this problem fixed ASAP or risk wasting hundreds of extra gallons of water each month.

The good news is that these toilet leaks aren’t expensive to fix. You just need to replace interior parts such as the flapper or flush valve. These parts are available at home improvement stores and easily installed by homeowners.

Why You Need to Be Concerned about Slab Leaks

The second leak we want to talk about is a slab leak. Unlike toilet leaks, these leaks aren’t just a threat to your water bill. If you don’t identify a slab leak as soon as possible, you risk spending money on foundation repairs and water damage. Whether you have a slab foundation or a basement or crawlspace, there are pipes running beneath your home. When these pipes break or develop even the tiniest pinhole leak, you have a problem.

The issue with slab leaks is that they often exist for weeks or months before homeowners realize what’s happening. It’s not until you wake up one morning to a flooded home that you realize you have a serious problem. That being said, there are ways for homeowners to get clued in on a potential problem.

Start by looking at your water bill. Has it gone up a lot within one month? Sudden, unexplainable spikes in water usage often point to a leak in hidden pipes.

Another clue you have a hidden leak? Watermarks on ceilings, walls, and flooring. Keep in mind that pipes don’t just run under slabs. The potential for leaks behind walls and ceilings also exists. Never ignore these signs.

Also, stay alert for sounds of running water when no one is using the water. When the water’s rushing through pipes during these times, it’s a sure indicator you have an issue that needs attention right away.

Read Your Water Meter

If you received a higher than normal water bill, do yourself a favor and do a water meter test. Check the water meter reading before everyone leaves the house for the day. Write this number down on a piece of paper and go about your business away from the house for a few hours. When you return, check the water meter reading again before you use any water. What does the meter read? Is the reading the same as it was earlier in the day? Has it changed? If it’s changed and you note an increase in water usage, somewhere in the home you have a water leak. Now you need to figure out where this leak is.

Here is a list of possible areas of the home leaking water. It’s not always a slab leak:

Leaking flappers on toilets and overflow toilet leaks. Remember this from our running toilet lesson above?

  • Outside hose bibs
  • Dripping faucets
  • Overactive ice-machine
  • Leaky hot water tank
  • Water main line

Finding the source of the leak is important to save money on your water bill and to protect your home from water damage. If water conservation is something you’re serious about, make sure you stay on top of these potential problems. Also, keep in mind that fixing leaks and repairing broken pipes saves you up to 10% on your water bill.

Are You Ready to Put an End to that High Water Bill?

If you have a high water bill and need to find the source of the problem, contact Valencia 24 Hr Plumber & Drain Pros. Our plumbers help you find the sneakiest leaks to help you protect your home and reduce your water usage. Contact us today for 24-hour emergency plumbing services.

Why Is My Bathwater Turning Yellow?

Sunday, March 1st, 2020

We know this is an alarming site, and we could make jokes, but we won’t. That’s because we know discoloration issues aren’t laughing matters. The good news is that yellow bathwater isn’t as serious as you think. In fact, it’s something that our plumbers at Valencia 24 Hr Plumber & Drain Pros see often.

Keep reading to learn more about what causes bathwater to turn this color and how to fix it.

Rusty Water

The most likely reason your bathwater is yellow is because there’s rust in the water. We know you don’t want to take a bath in discolored water, but it’s not harmful. In fact, in most water systems iron and oxygen exist in small amounts. In small quantities, nothing happens. However, when these amounts increase that’s when rust occurs. At this point, you might notice your bathwater takes on a yellowish tinge. The water isn’t dirty. It just has too much oxygen and iron in the system.

Reasons There’s Rust in the Water

Even though yellow water isn’t harmful, you still want to figure out what’s going on. Here are some of the most common reasons for yellow bathwater:

  • Rusty home plumbing. This is evident if you notice the water’s discolored the first time you turn on the water in the morning. Does it clear up within a few minutes? If so, speak with a plumber about replacing the rusted pipes.
  • The bathtub or shower faucet is rusty. This is likely the problem if you only have problems with discolored water in the bathroom. Replacing the showerhead or faucet should fix the problem.
  • The water heater is rusty. This is the likely culprit if you only notice the discolored water when running the hot water.
  • The water supply is rusty. If you have discolored water throughout the whole house, the issue is like a city water supply problem. Contact your local water company to find out if others have been complaining and to determine the next steps.

Should I Drink Yellow Water?

Most people can’t stomach the idea of drinking yellow water coming from their taps. In most cases, it’s harmless and you’ll be fine. That being said, we recommend that people have any changes in their water supply checked by professional to be on the safe side.

Valencia 24 Hr Plumber & Drain Pros offer testing services and can repair or replace damaged pipes causing water discoloration. To schedule a service call with a plumber in Valencia, CA, give us a call. Like our name says, we’re here 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you.

The Benefits of Dual-Flush Toilets

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

For years, eco-conscious Valencia residents have sought out innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint. From installing smart thermostats and low-wattage LED lights to driving electric cars, area residents have taken great measures to reduce their energy output. Retrofitting household plumbing is just another way to reduce the strain on natural resources.

Now, households throughout Valencia are catching onto the dual-flush trend. In the past year, Valencia 24 Hr Plumber & Drain Pros has installed many dual-flush toilets and other green-plumbing fixtures.

Why the increased interest?

Homeowners are looking for ways to save on utility costs and green-plumbing fixtures are a cost-effective way to do this. Every day we get more calls from people interested in installing not only dual-flush toilets, but automatic faucets and other water-saving fixtures.

Strict Federal Plumbing Standards Affect Newly-Manufactured Toilets

According to the World Toilet Organization (WTO), the average individual uses the toilet 6 – 8 times a day. That’s about 2,500 flushes every year for just one person. The average number of gallons flushed each time ranges from 3.5 – 7 gallons of water depending on the type and age of the toilet. That’s a lot of water!

The good news is that newer toilets don’t allow for nearly as much water waste, which is good news for homeowners. Newer toilets significantly reduce the amount of water used per flush. Some of the highest-efficiency toilets are only using 1.28 gallons per flush. 1. 6 gallons, though, is the federal standard. 

Dual-flush toilets take water conservation to another level. These toilets help regulate how water is being used based on whether liquid or solid waste is flushed. Instead of using the same amount of water for each flush, the user can choose a “liquid” flush or “solid” flush.

Rebates Help Homeowners Afford High-Efficiency Toilets

The cost of a dual-flush toilet or a standard low-flow toilet isn’t as much as homeowners may imagine. You can purchase these toilets for about the same price as a standard toilet. It’s when you begin adding extras like Bluetooth, heated seats, and lighting that the cost rises. Homeowners who are interested in purchasing a toilet may qualify for incentives or rebates.

Ask your local plumber in Valencia, CA,  to find out if your purchase qualifies for incentives or rebates. Whether your purchase qualifies for a rebate or not, the energy savings alone often pays for the new fixture within the first year or so of usage.

To learn more about dual-flush toilets, call us! Let our expert plumbers in Valencia help you choose the right toilet for your home.

Upgrade to these Low-flow Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures in Valencia, CA

Friday, February 3rd, 2017

Water conservation isn’t just a buzz phrase. It’s a way of living in Southern California. Even when drought conditions are kept at bay, finding ways to reduce water usage is always preferable. If you’re looking for inexpensive changes to your home that will conserve water and save you money over time, consider upgrading to low-flow kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Touch-free Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Installation

You’ve experienced no-touch faucets in public restrooms. Have you ever considered the benefits of having them in your home? These fixtures stop the needless running of water when brushing your teeth and washing dishes. A touch-free kitchen faucet is also beneficial when you’re cooking dinner and don’t want to contaminate the faucet handle when you’re handling raw meat products. You can find these fixtures in all styles and finishes. Why not call your local Valencia plumber to find out about touch-free kitchen and bathroom faucet installation?

Low-flow Showerheads Offer Ample Water Conservation

Are you still taking a shower using one of those small, water-wasting showerheads? You may have heard of low-flow showerheads, but have held off making the switch because you’re concerned about comfort. This is a concern for many homeowners because who wants to take a shower with low water pressure? Yes, these showerheads use less water. Homeowners won’t notice the difference though. That’s because air is pushed through the showerhead generating pressure. We find that many of the people we work with are pleasantly surprised at the results and don’t notice a major difference in water pressure. They do notice a big change in their water bills, though!

Replace Your Outdated Toilet

Toilets are those fixtures that last the longest in a home. Although they are used frequently, they tend to be sturdy and can last for decades. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider replacing an old, outdated toilet. Today’s toilets are made to use less water thanks to dual-flush models and energy-efficient models. Talk to a Valencia plumber to learn more about the benefits new toilet installation.

Call a Local Plumber for Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Installation

Take advantage of the savings that low-flow plumbing appliances offer. Schedule an appointment with one of our licensed plumbers at Valencia 24 Hr Plumber & Drain Pros to learn more about low-flow plumbing appliances. We offer no-obligation, free estimates, 24-hour plumbing service, and competitive pricing. Discover the spoils of modern-day kitchen and bathroom plumbing.

Eco-friendly Shower Faucet Replacement Keeps More Green in Your Pocket

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Eco-friendly Valencia plumbers available for shower faucet replacement todayAn easy way to save on water usage in the home is to install eco-friendly plumbing appliances. Today, there are more sustainable fixtures to choose from that won’t set you back financially or interfere with convenience. If you need shower faucet replacement, consider installing a green shower head.

Green Plumbing Is Convenient

Many homeowners are initially skeptical of green plumbing solutions because there assume that water pressure will be affected. While this may have been the case years ago when eco-friendly faucets were first introduced, a lot has changed in terms of design and water output. Low-flow plumbing fixtures, which include toilets, kitchen and bathroom faucets, and shower heads, are manufactured to reduce water flow without reducing water pressure. At Valencia 24 Hr Plumber & Drain Pros, we’re always pleased to see how surprised our customers are when they use an eco-friendly faucet for the first time.

How Eco-friendly Faucets Work

Whether it’s a shower head or a kitchen sink faucet, eco fixtures work mostly the same way. While the fixture may emit fewer gallons per minute than traditional fixtures, eco plumbing injects bursts of air into the stream of water. This burst of air keeps water pressure high and makes an eco-plumbing fixture feel just as powerful as an older fixture that uses twice as much as water. Purchasing high-quality fixtures means that there will never be any discernable difference in water pressure, just a noticeable difference in your water bill.

Call a Local Plumber for Shower Head Installation

If you’re ready to upgrade to an eco-friendly shower head, call a licensed plumber in Valencia. Hiring a plumber for professional shower faucet installation will ensure that the fixture is affixed correctly and adjusted accordingly.

Valencia 24 Hr. Plumber & Drain Pros is the leading eco-friendly plumber in Valencia, providing quality plumbing repair and replacement that is always guaranteed, budget-friendly, and available around the clock. Call us at your earliest convenience to learn more about our company and our services.

Rock-Bottom Prices for Toilet Repair and Installation in Valencia, CA

Monday, November 16th, 2015

When it comes to taking care of your toilet, do you know how to call?

My Valencia Plumber Hero has been serving local customers in the community for decades, so you can trust us to give you great service at an affordable cost. We know how important working plumbing is to you, so we waste no time in addressing the issue and providing you with cost-effective solutions.

Customer service is our top priority on every job, so we do everything we can to improve the experience for you. We look forward to offering you solutions that fit your schedule, budget and needs. When you work with us, you have a dedicated professional contractor at your side for repairs, maintenance or installations.

Full Toilet Repair and Maintenance Services

As a licensed and insured contractor, we follow all relevant legal standards for residential and commercial buildings. Our plumbing inspectors can examine your system thoroughly to find weaknesses that could turn into hazards in the near future.  Our techs have years of experience with all kinds of residential plumbing concerns, so they can identify issues and resolve them quickly.

We are fully certified to help with all kinds of projects, including:

  • Mending leaky or running toilets
  • Repairing flush mechanism
  • Replacing damaged pipes or water lines
  • Installation of new toilets, sinks and more!
  • Clog removal and drain cleaning

Our plumbers can also help install full bathroom plumbing for construction or renovation, so let us know if you need an experienced contractor for a build project. We are happy to provide a no-obligation estimate for any project, whether it is to simply clear a clogged drain or help upgrade your entire bathroom.

Emergency Services Available 24 Hours a Day

Leaks, overflows and clogs are no match for us! Our technicians are backed by years of experience and training, as well as the latest technology for dealing with all kinds of plumbing issues. We can locate clogs and other problems fast thanks to mobile video camera inspections, and we are fully equipped to service any toilet, sink or other fixture in your home.

Our emergency plumbers are ready to respond to urgent requests for service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You don’t have to endure a toilet clog until “regular business hours,” when you can get in touch with us whenever you have a problem! We want to help you set things straight to minimize disruption to your daily routine and plans for the day.