Upgrade to these Low-flow Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures in Valencia, CA

Water conservation isn’t just a buzz phrase. It’s a way of living in Southern California. Even when drought conditions are kept at bay, finding ways to reduce water usage is always preferable. If you’re looking for inexpensive changes to your home that will conserve water and save you money over time, consider upgrading to low-flow kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Touch-free Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Installation

You’ve experienced no-touch faucets in public restrooms. Have you ever considered the benefits of having them in your home? These fixtures stop the needless running of water when brushing your teeth and washing dishes. A touch-free kitchen faucet is also beneficial when you’re cooking dinner and don’t want to contaminate the faucet handle when you’re handling raw meat products. You can find these fixtures in all styles and finishes. Why not call your local Valencia plumber to find out about touch-free kitchen and bathroom faucet installation?

Low-flow Showerheads Offer Ample Water Conservation

Are you still taking a shower using one of those small, water-wasting showerheads? You may have heard of low-flow showerheads, but have held off making the switch because you’re concerned about comfort. This is a concern for many homeowners because who wants to take a shower with low water pressure? Yes, these showerheads use less water. Homeowners won’t notice the difference though. That’s because air is pushed through the showerhead generating pressure. We find that many of the people we work with are pleasantly surprised at the results and don’t notice a major difference in water pressure. They do notice a big change in their water bills, though!

Replace Your Outdated Toilet

Toilets are those fixtures that last the longest in a home. Although they are used frequently, they tend to be sturdy and can last for decades. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider replacing an old, outdated toilet. Today’s toilets are made to use less water thanks to dual-flush models and energy-efficient models. Talk to a Valencia plumber to learn more about the benefits new toilet installation.

Call a Local Plumber for Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Installation

Take advantage of the savings that low-flow plumbing appliances offer. Schedule an appointment with one of our licensed plumbers at Valencia 24 Hr Plumber & Drain Pros to learn more about low-flow plumbing appliances. We offer no-obligation, free estimates, 24-hour plumbing service, and competitive pricing. Discover the spoils of modern-day kitchen and bathroom plumbing.

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